How To Maintain Digestive Health Naturally

Hello, my loyal friends who still reads my blog 🙂
Today I will give tips on how to maintain digestive health naturally.

as we know, many people in the world is actually a cry for a solution how to keep the digestive tract naturally?

want to know how?

okay let’s consider the following:



The food we eat is very influential on our digestive health. China has traditionally been the main principle is to eat regularly at a particular time. Often we eat, when your body did not need it, when we do not have enough digestive stomach acid to digest food. Would not tercena with good food. Experience has shown that irregular makanyang cause various gastrointestinal problems.

Some of the suggestions below, you can employ to keep your digestive health:

A. Do not eat too much, it can help your digestion in order to be able to digest food properly throughout
2. Do not chew the food too quickly, as this will not give your digestion a chance enough time to digest
3. Avoid eating late at night. Because it makes the body use the energy of Yin (as night work is Yin energy), and the food is not processed again at night.
4. Diet resulted in excessive weakness in your digestive tract and lymph nodes.
5. Eating while walking or standing is not recommended, because it will lead to a blockage of your digestive energy.
6. Eat when stressed or anxious, it is not good because it can cause abdominal pain and nausea. Likewise with eating when angry. Bilaanda often suffer from digestive disorders can be provided at your home, some of the following preparations: a drink that contains lactobacillus (widely available in supermarkets), peppermint, chamomile and ginger herbal tea.

Some of the food according to Chinese medicine that can strengthen your digestion:

A. Grains
2. Sweet potatoes, is said to strengthen the internal organs and strengthen the body’s energy, yams,
3. Pumpkin has a high content of various minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Sitting position and working too much can weaken the spleen meridian and digestion. Regular morning walk to aid digestion. You can also try stretching exercises on the spleen meridian and intestinal / digestion. Stretching is done with the knees bent and weight up to the back of the head (eyes facing the ceiling) and riveted to the floor holding hands.

Keep your spine stretch. Smell the air and stack your weight on your hands. You slowly release your breath, drop your head back and always in a relaxed state. Make sure your muscles get warm after stretching for 10 minutes. When you do the first may be difficult, after a week until the month you’ll get used to it.

By ambassador nita

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